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Junior Athleaders Academy

The middle school years are a critical juncture for boys as they go through several transformative developmental changes. They experience a newfound independence, face new challenges,  and struggle with self-confidence. Junior Athleaders Academy is designed to help athletes in grades 6-8 establish paths that lead to success on and off the field. Using group discussions, stories of Athleaders, presentations and debates we focus on strengthening young athletes' simple decision-making skills, work ethic, and voice. We also begin to have introductory conversations around healthy manhood and work with them to differentiate between healthy and unhealthy traits. Each session includes:


  1. Sports Games and Icebreakers

  2. Sports News: (athletes present on current sports news they found of interests)

  3. Leadership Trait of the Week

  4. Athleader of the Week (focus on an athlete who has made significant contributions in their sport and the world) 


To bring Junior Athleaders Academy to your team or organization fill out the contact form or email us at

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