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About us

We envision a world in which athletes are the change-makers of tomorrow

Athleaders 360° helps youth sports coaches develop the skills they need to effectively support and mentor young athletes. We focus on equipping coaches with the best practices in youth development so that they can build coaching frameworks that are youth-centered, consider the full lives of their players and the communities, and use principles of social justice. Our programs and initiatives center the unique needs of youth coaches and their players and help coaches develop as leaders and build better relationships with their athletes and help athletes develop a stronger sense of self and purpose.


Our mission is to fundamentally change the way we use sports to develop youth in this country. By meeting young athletes where they are--that is their love of sports--we offer programs and initiatives uniquely catered to their needs and interests as athletes. We work with young athletes to explore how the relationship between sports and society-- including race, class, gender, media, and politics-- influences their own sense of self. We use sports as a framework to explore topics like violence, sexual assault and the intersecting issues of race, class, and sexuality. We also teach our athletes how the skills they have gained from sports translate into leadership skills that can be leveraged to better their communities and self-author their lives.



The Athleaders 360° team has a diverse range of backgrounds and skill sets, but we share a common passion for changing the world. We work hard to accomplish our mission – but we insist on having fun while doing it! 

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