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Athleaders 360° Leadership Retreat

It’s no secret that athletes are seen as leaders on the court, in their schools, and in their communities. Their good decisions are celebrated and their bad decisions are more heavily scrutinized. However, while they are expected to be leaders, they have not necessarily been trained in leadership development, conflict resolution, or decision-making skills. The Athleaders 360° Leadership Retreat is a program designed with the unique pressures of high school and college athletes in mind. We contribute to the holistic development of young athletes by focusing on and strengthening their leadership acumen and decision-making skills. 


Through documentaries, sports news, and profiles of athletes who have made a difference in their fields and/or the world, we foster engaging discussions and meet boys where they are. We use their love of sports to help them develop a social justice lens around issues of race, class, gender, and sexuality, gain confidence in their own voices, and translate the skills they have gained through sports to shape other aspects of leadership and life. We also focus on goal achievement, decision-making, and self-reflection while emphasizing that the daily decisions we make create our own personal realities and shape who we are. 


If you would like to bring a retreat to your team contact us at

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