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Workshops with coach CT

*Note: Due to the current global COVID-19 pandemic all workshops, speaking engagement, etc. will be virtual.
Upcoming Workshops:
Coaching Philosophy Workshop.jpg
Developing Your Coaching Philosophy
November 4th, 2021 6:30 - 8:00 PM EST

This workshop is designed to help coaches discover their why for coaching and their core beliefs about being an effective coach and mentor on and off the field. You will learn the elements of a good coaching philosophy, review the philosophies of legendary coaches like John Wooden and Tony Dungy, and draft a personal coaching philosophy to use with your teams.

Looking for more ways to untap the incredible potential of sports in your organization or community? Why not invite in our founder Coach CT?


Coach CT can come in to give a lesson, speak at an assembly, talk about the work of Athleaders 360°, or speak about particular athlete development themes we cover. Sessions can be tailored to suit your athletes and organization. We have listed below a few of the workshops we have given in the past:


  1. Difficult Pep Talks: Engaging Male Athletes in Sexual Violence Prevention

  2. Mentoring through Sports

  3. Helping Young Athletes Find Their Voice

  4. Using Sports to Teach Social Justice

  5. Building a Work Ethic

  6. Using Sports as a Vehicle

  7. Captain 101

  8. I Am More Than An Athlete


To book Coach CT or for more information contact us at

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