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The Good Coach Project

Sports is one of the primary sites where we see examples of toxic masculinity. There is emphasis on violence, competition, domination, and rampant sexism. Unfortunately, as coaches, we are often some of the biggest transmitters of this toxic culture. However, we believe that coaches also hold the potential to be major disruptors. Sports is one of the only places where men and boys can express a range of emotions, hug one another, and be compassionate and vulnerable--all things that run counter to what we are told it means to be a man. 

The Good Coach Project is a discussion-based healthy masculinity program designed to empower coaches to help their athletes construct healthy manhoods. In a community with other men and other masculine-identified people we unpack our own toxic masculinity and identify the ways in which sports have been used to perpetuate sexism. Coaches will participate in a 6-week series centered on the work of bell hooks’ The Will to Change: Men, Masculinity, and Love. At the end of this series coaches will learn strategies on how sports can be used to build healthy masculinity.

To bring the Good Coach Project to your team or organization fill out the contact form or email us at

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