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For captain's only

So you’ve been selected team captain and want to make sure your team has an excellent one? Then the For Captain’s Only workshop is for you. These 90 minute workshops are held once a quarter and cover the following topics:


  1. Your Leadership Vision: Setting a Vision for your Team and Developing an Execution Plan

  2. Friends vs Teammates: Developing Strategies for Leading your Peers

  3. The Coaches Eyes and Ears: Tips for Being the Coach on the Field

  4. The Art of Motivation: How to Get and Keep Your Team Excited to Play


You’ll also evaluate the leadership styles of great team leaders like Kobe Bryant, Peyton Manning, Chris Paul, Tom Brady, Ray Lewis, and LeBron James so you can begin building your own leadership framework.


Being selected captain is a privilege and honor and we want to make sure that years from now, you can look back at this season with pride. 

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